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How Do I Return to the Auto Pay Program After I was Removed?

Once removed from the Auto Pay Program Universal Lenders LLC will allow a customer to re-enroll and deduct their monthly payments on their due date from a checking/ savings account or a credit/debit card. An Authorization Form will need to be completed again and faxed back to Universal Lenders LLC at 773-889-4508. You may also scan/email the form to

You may download the Authorization Form from this screen.

Things to remember:

When your due date falls on a non banking day the funds will be deducted the next business day.

You are still responsible for NSF fees or over limit charges if there are insufficient funds to automatically deduct. We will attempt to deduct up to 3 times.

The Authorization Form needs to be received at least 14 business days prior to a payment due date in order to deduct a payment on that date.