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My Service Contract Was Cancelled; Why Do I Still Owe Universal Lenders LLC Money?

Even though you may have cancelled your service contract or other protection policy at the Retailer who sold you the product, your open account at Universal Lenders must still be paid off.

IMPORTANT: Until the Retailer processes your cancellation request your account remains open. Once the cancellation is processed and Universal Lenders LLC receives funds to payoff your account from the Retailer, then your account will be closed and your obligation to Universal Lenders LLC will end. It is your responsibility to make sure the Retailer pays your account off.

As a courtesy, Universal Lenders LLC will forward your request to your selling Retailer if you complete a Cancellation Request Form. You may download the Cancellation Request Form and then fax it to 773-889-4508. You may also scan/email the form to We will forward your request to your selling Retailer.